We’ll pay better than market value for your used car! Click here to sell us your vehicle.

We’ll pay better than market value for your used car! Click here to sell us your vehicle.

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Acura Tire and Wheel Centre in Victoria, BC

Acura Tire and Wheel Centre in Victoria, BC - Campus Acura

Campus Acura Tire and Wheel Centre

Here at Campus Acura Tire and Wheel Centre, we understand the importance of having the right tires and rims outfitted on your vehicle and how it contributes to the safety of your drive. Your tires help to withstand your vehicle's weight, absorb road vibrations and shock, distribute power from the engine to generate movement, and helps you obtain superior vehicle handling. If your tires are in any way defective, their ability to perform is disturbed, possibly placing you at risk. When you require tire service in Victoria BC, come to Campus Acura, an authorized Acura dealership.

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Seasonal Tires

Many brands offer different tires with various pattern treads. How can you be sure to choose the best tires suitable for your driving needs, and do you truly understand the differences in seasonal tires? Our Acura Tire and Wheel Centre in Victoria BC wants to help you better understand your tires.

Winter Tires - Canadian winter roads are extremely unpredictable. These conditions challenge tires to provide more traction. The combination of cold temperatures, ice, and snow can be best met by winter tires, specially designed to perform in winter conditions. There are specific features to winter tires that make them unique. The tread rubber compounds are designed to remain flexible, allowing the tire to better grip the road. The deep tread depth helps reduce snow buildup and provides better traction on the snow. Whereas, winter tire tread patterns are designed to channel snow and slush and expel water. Winter tires also feature thousands of tiny slits in the tread that provide traction on ice.

All-Season Tires - All-Season drivers are a good choice for drivers who want versatile performance year-round. All-Season tires find a balance in performance under multiple road conditions. They perform well in wet or dry conditions during warmer weather but are not proposed for a sporty feel or maximum handling performance. However, they are not recommended for winter use because they do not provide optimal performance when driving in more extreme conditions such as deep snow, freezing rain, and black ice.

Summer Tires - Summer tires are designed to deliver maximum performance with its shallow and asymmetric tread design, allowing for confident braking and handling in both wet and dry road conditions. Summer tires are engineered with wide circumferential grooves to channel water out of the footprint area to assist with wet traction and resist hydroplaning.

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Tips To Help Extend The Life Of Your Tires and To Maximize Your Fuel Economy

Tires are built tough, they can survive rough terrains. But, neglecting your tires can be quite costly. Be sure to properly maintain your tires to help save some money and maximize your vehicle's fuel efficiency. You can also schedule a service appointment and our factory-trained Acura technicians can properly inspect, maintain, and service your tires.

Follow the tips to increase your fuel efficiency and extend tire tread life.

  • Reduce your speed - high speeds can generate heat and accelerate tire wear. Additionally, fuel economy tests have shown fuel usage increases when your average speed decreases.
  • Ensure your vehicle is properly aligned- Irregular tread wear is usually caused by poor vehicle alignment. To prevent irregular wear and to increase tire mileage by as much as 30%, your vehicle should be aligned regularly.
  • Properly mount your tires - to prevent any major tire defects from occurring your tires should be mounted on the wheel correctly. Our Service Centre experts can help.
  • Rotate your tires - tire rotation promotes even tread wear and can give you extra miles in tread life.
  • Routinely inspect for physical damage - routinely inspect your tires for bulges or any puncture marks. If you notice bulges or puncture marks caused by nails or other sharp objects on the road, we recommend you replace the damaged tire immediately.
  • Check your tire pressure - adjust the air pressure as per the specifications outlined in the manufacturer's owners manual to avoid over or under-inflating. Accurate tire pressure is important to maximizing your fuel efficiency.