We’ll pay better than market value for your used car! Click here to sell us your vehicle.

We’ll pay better than market value for your used car! Click here to sell us your vehicle.

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Financing An Acura At Campus Acura

When you choose the perfect new or Pre-Owned Car, Truck, or SUV from Campus Acura, our Finance experts can help you find the right finance and lease option to match your lifestyle and budget. Regardless of age, driving experience, or credit history, Campus Acura invites all customers within Victoria BC and the neighbouring cities of Saanich, Colwood, Langford, Sidney, and Oak Bay to find the Acura made for you. We offer finance and lease options that are easy and convenient while saving you the most precious commodity, time. Simply complete our Finance Application for an instant pre-approval, from the comfort of your home.

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The Benefits of Financing an Acura

Financing a vehicle allows you to own a newer or more expensive car than you would be able to afford if you were paying cash. Additionally, financing a car has many advantages that make buying a compelling option. These benefits include:

  • Ownership - As you make your monthly loan payments, you become one step closer to owning your vehicle. Many people take pride in owning their vehicle and being free of monthly payments after financial obligations are met.
  • Freedom - When you finance your vehicle, you are free from restrictions on mileage, wear and tear, and to make any alterations you may want to make using Genuine Parts and Accessories.
  • Flexibility - Buying your vehicle means you can easily sell or Trade-In your Vehicle whenever you decide.

Finance An Acura In Victoria BC

Are you thinking about financing your next vehicle? Let our dedicated finance team at Campus Acura help you get the best loan option available. Contact us today, start driving a new Acura tomorrow.

Why Finance?

Financing a vehicle, new or used, is a practical option for buyers who are unable to pay cash for their new purchase but want to enjoy the benefits of Acura ownership in Victoria. If you intend on driving your vehicle for more than a few years and commute over 24,000 km a year, financing may be the best option for you.

Finance Vs. Lease - The Differences Explained

Regardless of whether you choose to lease or finance, you can get you the Acura you want on a monthly payment plan. With financing, you are taking out a loan to purchase. Eventually, unless you sell or trade-in the car, you will have the loan paid off and own the car outright. Even while paying off the loan, any value of the car is yours after the loan is paid in full. The benefits of financing include total ownership and control so you can customize your Acura with any Genuine Acura Part or Accessory you want, take long drives to enjoy the wonderous Canadian roads, and having the option of financing a Pre-Owned or Demo Acura. With a lease, you do not own the car and are not paying it off. You are paying a monthly fee to a leasing company for driving the car for a fixed term. A lease typically includes terms outlining the length of the lease, allowable mileage, and an option to purchase the car when the lease term is up. Leasing is the perfect choice if you enjoy driving a new car every 3 to 4 years without the added costs of repair and maintenance.